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Reiki I, II & Master Level Classes

Reiki classes at the center are very unique in that two forms of Reiki are offered. Usui Reiki is the type that is most familiar and widespread; it makes available earth energy for healing. However, there is a second type of Reiki called Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki which is part of the ancient form that Dr.Usui (the founder) was given in Japan, yet when he attuned Hawayo Takata who brought it back to Hawaii in 1941, he left out several of the original symbols. These missing symbols make up Seichem Reiki and include the elements fire, water and angelic light/air. Reiki classes at the center attune the student to both types of Reiki and offer the fully intended healing art. All levels of Reiki are taught throughout the year, usually as a series. Students are free to take as many levels as they are guided. Class size is limited to 9 students to ensure personalized attention to each student during class. Please see the buttons above for the most current class schedule>

Reiki I Certification: Usui /Seichem Reiki I is the first class in the series and is for the person who would like to learn about healing energy work. No previous experience is necessary; however, receiving a Reiki treatment prior to taking the class is encouraged. As an introduction, the history and philosophy of Reiki is discussed and general concepts regarding the human energy system are introduced. Students will have many opportunities to both give and receive Reiki treatments. During the class the student will participate in the attunement ceremony which helps increase the student’s abilities to offer healing energy for self-care as well as to friends and family. It is a very special part of the class and students most especially look forward to this segment of the course. The students will also receive the Order of Melchizadek Initiation at this time. A certificate is given at the end of class. The class is offered over one day or during two evenings and includes 7 hours of training. $170

Reiki II Certification: Usui/Seichem Reiki II is a continuation and deepening of the Reiki concepts and skills learned in Reiki I. In addition there are new symbols added for specific uses and the student learns how to send Reiki over a distance. There is ample practice time during the course and students give and receive treatments. There is another attunement ceremony held during the class and includes the Violet Flame Attunement. A certificate is given at the end of class. The prospective student must provide a certificate of completing Reiki I and it is advised to wait at least a month between levels in order to fully integrate the knowledge learned from the prior level. This class is offered over a day and is 8 hours long. Prerequisite: Reiki Level I with Nancy. $190

Usui/Seichem Reiki III Certification and Master Level Certification: After completing this final level of Reiki, the student will have achieved Master status. There are two components to completing this course of study. Prior to signing up for this class, the student must provide certificates of Reiki I and Reiki II completion, and must be comfortable with giving Reiki treatments to others, along with using the proper symbols and techniques. A minimum time of three months after Reiki II and providing evidence of practice is expected. The class is a full day and includes a review of previous material in addition to teaching the Master level symbols and conducting an attunement. Since this level is to prepare the student for becoming a professional Reiki Master, topics will include documenting sessions and how to set up a business. There is a special attunement ceremony and celebration at the end of class. The course lasts a full day and is 8 hours long. Prerequisite: Reiki Level I and II with Nancy. $210

The second part of the Master Level Certification training is an apprenticeship period that lasts at least two months. During this time the Reiki III student is expected to conduct 6 Reiki treatments with written notes-this is reviewed in the Reiki III class. Participation in Reiki shares at the wellness center, or if the student is out-of -town participation in shares near the student’s area will be accepted. This will give the student the opportunity to practice skills learned in class and can be used toward the required treatments. The student is also asked to read at least one book about his/her connection with Spirit for personal growth work. The student will also be expected to submit a brief business plan outlining his/her goals on how he/she plans on setting up his/her practice. At the end of this period the student will meet with the Reiki Master and review the work. Upon approval, a certificate of Reiki Master will be given. The review session will last 1-2 hours. $70

The classes are held as a series over a period of 6 months. A prospective student who decides on taking all three levels with Master level and signs up and pays for the package prior to the series , will receive a discount of 10%. If a student wishes to take a bit longer and join a later class series, this is perfectly fine and the discount still applies.
If a prospective Usui student is interested in learning about and being attuned with Seichem Reiki in addition to the training that they already have, this can be arranged. The student will participate in the class as usual and during the attunement ceremony will only receive Seichem Reiki. There is a price reduction offered, since the student has taken Usui Reiki previously with another instructor. This is 15% off per class, or 20% discount for the series. The student must begin with Reiki I for comprehensiveness of the program.

Healing Touch Level I Class

Healing Touch Level 1:
Healing Touch Level 1 class is offered throughout the year. Please contact Nancy directly at 610-745-4245 to reserve your spot in the scheduled class> A $100 deposit is required to secure your reservation for class.
Class size is limited to 6 students, which provides a greater opportunity for individualized attention and self discovery for the student.
There are 16 CEUs offered to Registered Nurses etc.
This class is an introductory class and no experience in healing work is necessary in order to participate. There is both lecture and experiential learning throughout with lots of opportunity to practice the new skills taught. Any person who wishes to enhance wellness in themselves and for their loved ones are encouraged to attend. All levels and backgrounds in energy work are welcomed and contribute toward making the class experience rich and enjoyable.
During this course the student will learn 12 techniques that can be used immediately. There is lecture on basic energy anatomy as well as other subjects. Students will have ample opportunity to practice all the techniques learned and will give and receive a full treatment. The student will experience how to foster relief from pain, calm emotions and clear energetic blocks while using their hands and hearts to support an atmosphere condusive to natural healing. Healing Touch is the premier energy healing modality in health care institutions today and holds several accreditations. It is a professional program founded in Holistic Nursing, available to anyone who has the desire to help others.
Offered over two days, usually from 8:30am-6:00pm with lunch and break times throughout. Class size is limited to 6 students to ensure personalized attention to each student during class. $497
There is special pricing for the following:
HTPA, AHNA Members – $447
Active Military, Veterans – $397
Full-time Students – $330
Repeat Students – $297
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place in the class.
We look forward to sharing this wonderful energy healing modality with you!
Call Nancy at 745-4245 to book your class now! Minimum of 2 students per class.

Essential Oils

There are several essential oil class offerings at the center. Contact Nancy at 610-745-4245 to schedule a class, minimum 2 students needed to hold a class. Among them are:

-Guiding Principles of Essential Oil Use:
This class offers a general overview of what exactly essential oils are, where they come from, how they are made and most importantly the properties and health benefits one can have from using them for various issues. Guidelines for safe and conscientious essential oil use are discussed along with many helpful insights for navigating the barrage of information available today. Get the facts from a Certified Aromatherapist and avoid all the mis-information that is out there! Essential oils are natural traditional plant healing that have been used for thousands of years and are truly a gift from nature. Come and explore their awesomeness!!!
Class length 2.5 hours, cost $40 (handout is provided to take with you)

-Essential Oil Blends:
This class is a combination of lecture and hands on experience. It will provide an in depth guide for creating your own blends for particular uses as well as safety guidelines for using oils based on scientific theory. The student will be able to custom blend a product for their desired condition and take it home with them after class! Through combining the theory and background of the essential oils and then applying their new knowledge, the student will have a well developed understanding of how to make informed choices going forward. This class is essential for those who truly appreciate all that essential oils can offer! It is taught by a Professional Certified Aromatherapist.
Class length 2.5 hours, cost $55 (handout and custom blend are included with class fee)

-Make and Take:
This class is the most popular of all with lots of hands on experience with the various oils and carriers available. Each class will have a brief lecture time focusing on a particular combination of oils and how they can work synergistically to help improve a particular health issue. Then the student will create their own essential oil blend using the new information offered. They can take home and keep their new product to use themselves or give to a loved one.
Class length 2 hours, cost $45 (includes handout and custom blend made by the student)

-Essential Oil Course:
This class is for the serious student who wants to have in depth knowledge about safe and effective essential oil use. There is lecture and plenty of hands on experience, and the student will keep all of the custom products created during the class. It will cover characteristics, chemistry, guidelines and safety for over 20 essential oils. Discussion about proper blending techniques and various carriers will be taught. The student will custom make several essential oil blends that can be taken home and used for their intended purposes. There are 14 CEUs offered to Massage Therapists after completion of this course.
Class length 14 hours over a 2 day period, each day from 9:00-5:00 with a lunch break. (a binder with all the pertinent information will be given out to each student and everyone will keep their custom blends) cost$ 375

All classes are taught by Nancy Schappert PhD, RN, Certified Aromatherapist

Practice Sessions

There are many practice sessions for Reiki and Healing Touch offered at the center. Please check the home page for the schedule. Reiki practice sessions are limited to prior and current students of Nancy only. Healing Touch practice sessions are open to all students of Healing Touch. Sessions are open to those who have completed at least level 1 in Healing Touch, and at least level 1 in both Usui and Seichem Reiki. This is a great way to practice your skills, receive self-care and meet others who have a desire for sharing healing through energy work!

Each practice session is 2 hours long and begins with a brief meditation and check-in. Then the participants will team up in either pairs or triads and give mini treatments to each other. This will be followed with a brief sharing/feedback on their experience.
Class is 2 hours long and is limited to 9 participants. cost $20

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