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Gemstones, Feng Shui, & Energetic Protection, Angel Classes

Gemstone Therapy Classes

Several classes are offered at the center. Please check the schedule.

-Energetic Properties of Gemstones and Crystals:
Explore some of the fascinating and useful energetic properties of various stones and crystals that can aid in improving your health and help restore your system back into balance. Learn how you can add gemstone therapy to your healing/meditation practice to further promote the positive effects of your session. Learn the basic care and cleaning of your gemstones to keep their energetic properties at optimal level. This class is for everyone who would like to learn more about nature’s gift of the mineral kingdom!
Class time is 2.5 hours, cost $35

– Gemstones and the Chakras:
Learn how gemstones can enhance positive energy with your chakras and auric field. Experience handling several gemstones and how their unique healing characteristics can help you balance and clear out stagnant energy in your energy field. Practice giving and receiving a energy healing session using gemstones.
Class time is 2.5 hours, cost $35

-How to Use a Pendulum:
The pendulum is a tool that has been used by healers for thousands of years. This class focuses on working with the student on proper technique and hands-on practice. It will include a brief lecture of the uses and capabilities of this tool in many applications. Each student will then practice using the pendulum and experiencing how it can aid in one’s assessment skills.
Class time is 2.5 hours, cost $35

Introduction to Energy Work and Angel Reading Classes

Introduction to Energy Work:
Perhaps you have a friend or family member who practices energy work yet you’re not quite sure what this is all about-this class is for you! It is a fun class where the history and theory are introduced, and provides a general discussion on how energy work is grounded in science. There will be a brief hands-on section where you will experience the positive effects of how healing energy work can have for you. No experience is necessary, we just ask that you come with an open perspective to new ideas!
Class is 2 hours, cost $25

Introduction To Angel Readings for Yourself and Your Loved Ones:
Would you like to connect to your Angels and Guides on a personal level for support, guidance and inspiration, even on a daily basis? Then this class is for you! You will learn how to attune your card deck to your individual energy, how to ground and center to help provide a clear and accurate reading and then some suggestions about receiving clarity on what you have discovered in your session. There will be a guided practice activity so you can experience first hand how easy and fun this can be!
Class is 2.5 hours, cost $35

Nutrition with Nancy~Naturally!

Holistic Nutrition Series:
This class is for anyone who would like to improve their overall health and well-being through adding thoughtful nutrition to their everyday routine. Discover why many of the time-honored concepts about widespread nutritional beliefs just don’t work and can lead to many chronic illnesses. Learn the facts behind the marketing industry’s motivation and what you can do to make informed choices that are much better for your overall health. Cut through all the myriad of information available, much of it is just gimmicks to get you to purchase this or that, including supplements that sound good, but may not actually produce what they claim. Learn an easy way to choose what to eat at every meal whether you are at home, out to dinner or traveling. Each class will concentrate on a different nutritional issue or illness that can be improved by “tweaking” your eating habits easily and effectively. What do you have to lose? Come and learn several practical ways to improve your health and vitality right away!
Class is 1.5 hours, cost $15.

Nutritional Therapy:
This class is for anyone who wants to understand how digestive health influences many chronic diseases. Perhaps you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with an illness and you are wondering how holistic, natural nutrition can contribute to improving this condition. Learn about “leaky gut syndrome”, diabetic insulin resistance, nutritional factors that can contribute to chronic pain, stiffness and arthritis, and other syndromes that can be improved by simply changing your nutritional habits. By understanding how inadequate nutrition can contribute to illness, low energy levels and aging, you can then see the cause and effect of how “tweaking” your nutritional and lifestyle habits can make a big difference in your quality of life.
Class is 3 hours, cost $40

Energetic Protection for Holistic Healers and Empaths

-This class is very important for everyone learning and practicing energy work and for anyone who is an empath. You will learn several ways to avoid and deflect less than optimal energies that you may come in contact with during your everyday life as well as when you’re offering energy treatments to others. Empaths are born “open”, therefore they are constantly picking up on others’ energy and emotions and don’t realize it! Learn how to deal with these energies and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Many schools who teach energy work to beginners do not include this information in their courses and it is for your benefit to start becoming aware and know some easy skills right away. No experience in energy work is necessary to take this class. There will be both lecture and practice time.
Class time 2.5 hours, cost $35

Feng Shui & Sacred Geometry

-Basics of Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry:
In this class you learn some basic principles of feng shui and sacred geometry in order to increase the positive atmosphere in your home or at your workplace. You will receive several easy to apply suggestions that you can choose from to create a happier and healthier living area. The use of gemstones for this purpose will be included in this class. This is an introductory class.
Class time 2 hours, cost $30

-Principles of Gridding:
Explore the theory and application of using gemstones and other items for protection, adding positive energy to your home and workplace, and for your loved ones and self in order to bring abundance and health into your life. You will learn how to create an energy grid in order to manifest your goals. There will be demonstrations on how to set up an energy grid and plan your layout including setting intention, picking out your gemstones and imbuing them with Divine, powerful intention for manifestation. Sacred geometry will also be discussed. At the end of the class you will feel confident to create a manifestation grid of your own!
Class time 2.5 hours, cost $35

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